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“Just 24 hours after Gavin’s webinar, I felt a shift. I was able to confidently tackle so many ‘money matters’ that I had been procrastinating about for months. Gavin has the unique combination of being a finance expert and a mindfulness practitioner. Along with his knowledge and practical toolkit this was obviously what I needed to move forward in my relationship with money. Thanks Gavin!” (Ann H)

“I have heard of mindfulness many times during the course of my career, but Gavin actually walked me through why we need it and how it works, particularly in this extraordinary time. The session provided me with a great stepping stone into the mindfulness world.” Jeff Ahn

Gavin has been involved with the technical/strategic side of money for a long time through the various degrees and courses he has studied, working in the financial industry and as a Chartered Accountant.

From what he has seen on the conventional transnational side not much focus gets put on the clients relationship with money and the related stress and anxiety around money.

As a mindfulness based coach and qualified psychotherapist Gavin has also had the ability to gain an understanding of how and why we behave the way we do around money. He has acquired the tools to assist clients emotionally and mentally to have more ease around money.

In your money coaching sessions Gavin he will assist you to use mindfulness to become aware of and develop a new relationship with your thoughts and emotions around money. This will allow you to more effectively manage the stress and anxiety over money related issues and decisions. There will also be a focus on your limiting money related beliefs and how those are impacting you.  Gavin also assists clients to determine their financial goals, monitor their spending habits and develop and maintain a positive relationship with money.

 Note around financial advice

Gavin Eichholz is not a financial adviser.  Any information provided in this website and in sessions is general information only and does not take into account your specific financial circumstances. 


More Info:

Phone: 0415 065 261

Email: gavin@empowertoshine.com.au

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