Why choose us for mindfulness facilitation and coaching for your organisation


Gavin has extensive knowledge, understanding and training in mindfulness both formally and through working with mindfulness teachers and supervisors for over 20 years in Australia, Thailand, South Africa and America. He understands the neuroscience behind mindfulness and can convey that to participants in an easy to understand, jargon free practical way. 

It is important to choose the right facilitator or coach – someone that you can relate to in an open way and that you feel really understands where you are coming from. Gavin believes that he has a unique skill set to offer leaders or managers looking for change and to empower themselves and their teams.

The reason for this is that he has been a working professional and a manager of staff in various businesses and industries. He knows the stresses, pressure and expectations. He also can speak the language, know the terminology and have insights into your business that other coaches and trainers may not have. He believes that his experience allows him to focus on what the key issues are and give practical effective advise that you will understand and be able to implement.

Gavin has personally applied mindfulness in the workplace and experienced its many benefits. He has had practical experience of how mindfulness can be used in the workplace for building resilience to stress, more effective focused attention and emotional regulation.

He has a passion for sharing these insights and the benefits of mindfulness with others through workplace training. He has facilitated mindfulness training in a variety of different sectors including financial services, recruitment, advertising, management consulting, manufacturing, sales businesses, government, education and not-for-profit.

More Info:

Phone: 0415 065 261

Email: gavin@empowertoshine.com.au

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