Testimonials from past participants:

“I very much enjoyed the Mindfully with Nature walk with Gavin, the pace, the tranquillity and the meditation were just beautiful. It opened my senses to another dimension of nature and awareness. Thanks for the wonderful experience, highly recommended.”

Klaus Sandles, Avalon

“Gavin sensitively and calmly guided us to slow down and awaken our senses to the experience in nature in a way I seldom stop to notice in my everyday life. In the tranquility of the forest I was overwhelmed with the awareness of my sensations …the breeze gently caressing my arms, the symphony of the birdsong, the aliveness and energy of the trees, my quietening mind and my calm slow breathing. As we slowly walked through the forest time stood still. 

I have now attended 2 mindfulness walks with Gavin which I highly recommend to those seeking a unique experience and some respite from the busy mind and busyness of life. The greatest gift I received is I can now reflect on that experience and re-enter those sensations and my whole nervous system and mind slow down.I came away feeling immense gratitude for the experience and for the beauty of nature and the blessings in my life ( and I even came away liking and appreciating myself more). Thank you Gavin.”

Dinah Hornung, Sydney

“I took part in the ‘Connect Mindfully with Nature’ walk with Gavin and really enjoyed the experience. We walked in a nature reserve I know, yet through Gavin’s sensitive and calm guidance, I got to know this place on a very different level. Time was suspended and all the senses opened up to be part of the beautiful nature. It was a palpable sense of stillness that was part of everything. Thank you so much Gavin,I even took some of this experience into my other walks, a real gift. I highly recommend the experience to everyone, who seeks stillness, peace and wants to slow down.”

Martina Sandles, Avalon

More Info:

Phone: 0415 065 261

Email: gavin.eichholz@gmail.com

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