When: Sunday 19 April  10am – 12:15pm

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: The walks are now limited to maximum 2 people to adhere to social distancing

Where: Angophora Reserve, Avalon. We will meet at the entrance on Palmgrove road
(see map and testimonials at bottom for more details).

Nature is in constant flow in the present moment. Light filters through the trees and glimmers on the moving leaves. Bird sounds arise in the distance and gently fall away. Water peacefully flows over rocks.

It has been proved that there are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits from being in nature. It calms your nervous system, reduces stress and boosts your immune system.

We will immerse ourselves in nature where you will be invited through gentle guidance to open up to the beauty of the present moment.
We will explore the following:

  • How to use your senses of sight, smell, touch and hearing to become even more present in nature.
  • Using mindfulness to recognise when you are labelling objects as opposed to simply noticing what arises in the moment.
  • Letting go into the present moment to explore your spacious connection with nature and heightened senses that may arise.
  • Guided open awareness mindfulness meditation.

In the walk we will mindfully practice ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. Therefore the walk will be more like a slow wander as opposed to a strenuous bushwalk. The walking track will at times be uneven so suitable walking shoes are recommended.

Cost:  $30 per person which is payable before the walk into my bank account. Please contact me for the details.

Note the walk will be limited to 2 people-  place reserved on payment.

Testimonials from past participants:

“I very much enjoyed the Mindfully with Nature walk with Gavin, the pace, the tranquillity and the meditation were just beautiful. It opened my senses to another dimension of nature and awareness. Thanks for the wonderful experience, highly recommended.” Klaus Sandles, Avalon

“I took part in the ‘Connect Mindfully with Nature’ walk with Gavin and really enjoyed the experience. We walked in a nature reserve I know, yet through Gavin’s sensitive and calm guidance, I got to know this place on a very different level. Time was suspended and all the senses opened up to be part of the beautiful nature. It was a palpable sense of stillness that was part of everything. Thank you so much Gavin,I even took some of this experience into my other walks, a real gift. I highly recommend the experience to everyone, who seeks stillness, peace and wants to slow down.” Martina Sandles, Avalon


More Info:

Phone: 0415 065 261


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