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Empower to Shine provides customised experiential mindfulness training  and workshops to organisations and individuals. The training is practical, grounded in neuroscience yet delivered in an easy to understand way.

Mindfulness based coaching and counselling is also offered as well as money coaching and mindful nature walks.

What We Do

Mindfulness workplace training

We are able to effectively help and support you to improve focus, enhance performance and reduce stress. We are experienced giving practical jargon free mindfulness based training and mentoring that you will understand and be able to implement both at work and outside of work.

Mindful nature walks

It has been proven that there are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits from being in nature. The beautiful sights, sounds and smells of nature provide many opportunities to practice mindfulness. It is a real gift to appreciate these in a mindful peaceful way. We use our own extensive experience of mindfully being in nature to facilitate mindfulness sessions and workshops in nature with individuals and groups.

Mindfulness based coaching & counselling

 We assist clients to mindfully gain a greater understanding of how their thoughts, emotions and habitual patterns are influencing their lives and then develop tools and ways to manage these more effectively. This allows for increased acceptance, peace, fulfilment and joy as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Money coaching

Money is the source of many of our emotions and a major contributor to stress and anxiety. In our money coaching sessions we will assist you to use mindfulness to become aware of limiting money related beliefs and to effectively manage stress / anxiety over money related issues and decisions. Combining the skills from being a mindfulness based coach, qualified psychotherapist and Chartered Accountant we are suitable qualified to assist you.


“We engaged Gavin to run a series of workshops for us over a period of 6 months during COVID. As a team, on the whole we had not had much exposure to mindfulness and meditation however Gavin’s training equipped us with some great tools that we could both use immediately as well as benefit from well in to the future”.

David Landau, Director, Richard Lloyd


"Everyone genuinely took home new knowledge and a greater awareness and understanding of mindfulness and the power behind regular meditation. Thank you for delivering content and knowledge that was engaging, practical, relatable and extremely useful."

Lucinda Mansour, Customer Experience Coordinator, GWG Partners

"Thank you so much for coming and delivering the mindfulness session. I really enjoyed it and lots of people came to me to say how much they enjoyed it as well. It was definitely beneficial and I have been practicing the mindful walking every day this week. Some of attendees were neuroscientists who came to me to say how well you took this information on board and presented the workshop."

Marina J Santiago, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University

"Being a large group of participants with varied learning and support needs we weren’t exactly sure how a mindfulness session would look for our organisation, however we felt it was valuable and we wanted to give it a go. Gavin was immediately willing to listen to our requirements and worked with us to develop a session which was as inclusive as possible and which considered the needs of staff members with intellectual and physical disability. Gavin changed the Powerpoint presentation to an easy read format with guidance and adapted activities to assist all participants with having the full experience of the session. Post session Gavin provided us with exercises to use in our daily life and since then we have established a Mindfulness Monday short session on a weekly basis in the office. We would happily recommend Gavin to any organisation."

Rhiannon C, Manager, Council for Intellectual Disability

Some of the organisations that I have provided mindfulness training for:

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