In the process of coaching we look at putting in place goals and actions that will help you live with less stress, more purpose and increased meaning. Coaching can be for a range of life issues for you individually or focus more specifically on your business around values, culture and relationships. It is generally a forward looking process where I assist you in bringing about the change you desire.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy assist in allowing you to develop more self-awareness around your current painful or stressful situations. By doing this you create more space for allowing change and healing to occur. The main issues assisted by Counselling and Psychotherapy are around relationships, anxiety, stress, depression or having a life transition or change. Depending on the issue the process may assist in healing the hurts from the past.

Facilitation of mindfulness/meditation sessions with individuals and groups

Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to reduce stress/anxiety, enhance joy and improve focus and clarity. It also allows you to become less reactive to situations or emotions.

I feel that my practice and understanding of mindfulness has allowed me to get an experiential understanding of how it impacts my moment to moment experience of life.. I have a passion for sharing these insights with others which I do either individually or as part of a group.

Mindfulness in nature

I have found being in nature to be a wonderful place to connect to my present moment experience in an expansive mindful way.  The beautiful sights, sounds and smells of nature provide many opportunities to practice mindfulness. It is a real gift to appreciate these in a mindful way.  I facilitate mindfulness sessions and workshops in nature with individuals and groups.

Financial coaching using mindfulness

People's finances can be a source of stress and anxiety. In addition, habits around purchasing items to satisfy a need or emotion that arises can also lead to non beneficial financial outcomes.

I do financial coaching for individuals on cash management/budgets and using mindfulness to effectively manage anxiety over money related issues and decisions.

How I work

I have had training in numerous modalities and theoretical approaches which allows me to work in a holistic way with clients and tailor my approach to each individual. At the heart of my practice is our relationship as this is the place where change starts to occur. I believe that through my empathic and understanding approach I am able to create a trusting open space for our sessions. 


My work is influenced by mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT),  positive psychology, various coaching approaches, brief dynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, focusing and cutting edge neuroscience and epigenetics.

My work is also influenced by my own personal development and the positive learning experiences and knowledge I have taken from it.


Being able to connect with your coach/therapist and the developing relationship is an essential part of change. I feel that my background of having worked in a similar environment to you enables us to do that effectively and allows me to truely understand where you are coming from.

I can talk your language and assist you from a common point of understanding.

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