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The Emotion of Money

Money is way beyond just a medium of exchange in our lives -  it is the source of many of our emotions, a major contributor to stress and we are prepared to do things for money that require us giving up other valuable things like time with family and friends. We also link our sense of self worth and level of happiness to money often in ways that stop us living fulfilled joyful lives.

In Australia research has found that money related stress is a significant contributor to mental health and well being issues.  
Yet very few people actually take steps to address the anxiety, overwhelm, stress and confusion they have around money.  
Why ?    The reason is that our money relationship is complex and people haven't been taught the skills to create a more beneficial relationship with money.

Limiting beliefs around Money

Much of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours around money are driven by our subconscious beliefs. This means that we are not normally consciously aware why we think or feel a particular way about money related situations.  These subconscious beliefs are often limiting or negative in nature ,and we habitually react to them, creating actions around money that are often not beneficial for us or our families in the long run.

The actions we take often reinforce the limiting beliefs so we are then caught in a negative cycle of behaviours.  To make it worse we also judge or criticize ourselves for our actions, thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness and Money

Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions. From this place of awareness you can choose to mindfully respond to money situations in line with your financial goals instead of your normal habitual patterns.  In addition, mindfulness allows us to more fully understand our behaviours around money and the associated limiting beliefs driving them.

Mindfulness can be used in the following ways around money:
  • Using awareness of thoughts, emotions and actions to decrease anxiety, stress and overwhelm around money and money related decisions.
  • Assisting in the process of developing beneficial beliefs around money.
  • Developing financial goals aligned to your values from a grounded present place instead of from fear and anxiety.
  • Redefining how you see wealth and bringing awareness to the various areas of wealth you have in your life.
  • Understanding the impact that your earnings, spending and savings have on your ability to create and maintain wealth.
  • Implementing mindful spending habits which are aligned to what you need instead of emotionally driven wants.
  • Taking responsibility and control around our money decisions through mindful learning and understanding what your options are around investing and debt management.
  • Creating tools and habits to bring more ease, joy and abundance to your relationship with money.

Money coaching

I have been involved with the technical/strategic side of money for a long time through the various degrees and courses I have studied, working in the financial industry and as a Chartered Accountant.
From what I have seen on the conventional transnational side not much focus gets put on the clients relationship with money and the related stress and anxiety around money.

As a mindfulness based coach and qualified psychotherapist I have also had the ability to gain an understanding of how and why we behave the way we do around money. I have acquired the tools to assist clients emotionally and mentally to have more ease around money.

In our money coaching sessions I will assist you to use mindfulness to become aware of limiting money related beliefs and to effectively manage stress / anxiety over money related issues and decisions.  I also assist clients to determine their financial goals, monitor their spending habits and develop and maintain a positive relationship with money.

Note around financial advice

Gavin Eichholz is not a financial adviser.  Any information provided in this website is general information only and does not take into account your specific financial circumstances. 

Limiting beliefs around Money
Limiting beliefs around Money
Limiting beliefs around Money
Limiting beliefs around Money