Why I believe I am the right therapist for you

It is important to choose the right coach or therapist - someone that you can relate to in an open way and that you feel really understands where you are coming from. I believe that I have a unique skill set to offer the following clients:

Professionals working in any industry,  business owners or anyone working in some kind of capacity. In addition, I believe I can effectively assist leaders or managers looking for change and to empower themselves and their teams.

The reason I believe this is that I have been a working professional and a manager of staff in various businesses and industries myself. I know the stress, pressure and expectations. I also can speak the language, know the terminology and have insights into your business that other coaches and therapists may not have. I believe that my experience allows me to focus on what the key issues are and give practical effective advise that you will understand and be able to implement.

Gavin Elchholz

My work and life journey

I am a mindfulness based coach and psychotherapist with a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy.

I am also a Chartered Accountant with a broad range of experience working in both corporates, a start up and accounting practices. This experience has enabled me to develop a wide and varied skill base. I have excellent knowledge on financial markets and products and have worked as an associate adviser in a financial planning company.

In the last 15 years I embarked on a personal self-development journey that was sparked by an interest in meditation, mindfulness and how the mind works. I am passionate about mindfulness and meditation and have used them daily in my life for an extended period of time utilising a variety of different approaches and skills. I have done numerous meditation and mindfulness based retreats and workshops all over the world including three 10 day insight meditation retreats.

My practice and understanding of mindfulness has allowed me to get an experiential understanding of how it positively impacts my moment to moment experience of life. I have a passion for sharing these insights and the benefits of mindfulness with others.

In 2006 I started to formally train as a psychotherapist and completed my Masters in counselling and psychotherapy in 2014.I also obtained my Statement of Attainment as telephone counsellor with LifeLine Australia and worked as telephone counsellor both in a paid and volunteer capacity.

I operate my coaching/counselling business Empower to Shine to assist people with gaining more clarity and confidence with various life issues and to facilitate mindfulness/meditation sessions. I also do financial coaching for individuals on cash management/budgets and using mindfulness to effectively manage anxiety over money related issues and decisions.

In addition to this I have an interest in neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics and how these can be applied to daily living and corporations. I feel that I have the ability to apply my wide skill base to facilitate strategic, embodied and empowered change. I bring present awareness, compassion and empathic support into my interactions with others. 

Specific qualifications

Specifically my qualifications in addition to the substantial amount of time I have spent doing my own research, self-development, reading and meditation retreats are as follows:

  • Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (2014) – Jansen Newman Institute
  • Diploma of Financial Planning (2016) - Kaplan Professional
  • Statement of Attainment as telephone counsellor (2012) - LifeLine Australia
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2008) – Jansen Newman Institute
  • Completed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations Level 1 (2000), Level 2 (2001), Level 3 (2003) - The Association for Investment Management and Research
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (1998) - University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Bachelor of Business Science (Honours) in the special field of Business Finance (1997)- University of Cape Town, South Africa

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Membership number – 300786

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