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Are you ready for mindfulness based coaching and counselling 

There are many stresses and strains involved in working as a professional, in your own business or any other business or industry for that matter. The work has its own unique stresses and so do the work relationships with colleagues, staff, customers and suppliers. It is impossible to separate work from your personal life so the two influence and impact each other. Instead of just surviving there is however the choice of shining and living a fulfilling, passionate, purposeful and grounded life both professionally and personally. 

Does living with less stress and anxiety and more awareness, energy and focus sound is possible

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I speak your language and I understand you

It is important to choose the right coach or therapist - someone that you can relate to in an open way and that you feel really understands where you are coming from. I believe that I can offer you the best of both worlds. I have a business background so I have been there and know what it is really like. I understand the terminology, the expectations, the structures and the pressure to perform. Through my training as a coach and counsellor and my life journey I now have the skills to help people in numerous ways.

Combining the two enables me to effectively help and support you to change. I believe that my experience allows me to focus on what the key issues are and give practical advise that you will understand and be able to implement both at work and outside of work.

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